About InProPharma


InProPharma BV is a biotechnology research and development organization specializing in services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry for development of generic products, biosimilars and new biological or chemical entities.


Our services can encompass the whole R&D cycle of a product or a particular part of that. From lead optimization, preclinical research, pharmacokinetic studies, toxicology studies, safety studies, up to human safety trials, coordination of clinical trials and support to obtain marketing authorization.


We provide contract research services, participate in collaborative research projects with knowledge institutes and companies within our network, as well as performing in-house risk independent research.


Our technology platform for the development of biologically active proteins includes technology transfer and product registration support in line with EMEA, US FDA Center for Biological Evaluation and Research, and ICH guidelines.


InProPharma has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology and the last five years specialized in chemical modification of proteins, thereby enhancing their stability, elongating their bioavailability or improving its solubility.


Scientists at InProPharma have developed biosimilars and bio-betters using e.g. PEGylation techniques, resulting in products that are already on worldwide markets for many years now.


Several Cold-Chain issues with therapeutic proteins and vaccines have been resolved by using our modification techniques. Transport, storage and stability at room temperature of these classes of drugs were established.