Business Opportunities


Inpropharma has developed several technologies, API's and products which can be licensed out, technologies tranferred or API's produces and shipped to your manufacturing site for final product processing.


We can provide technology transfers globally, thereby ensuring that the (pegylation) technology will be present at your production site, done by your own personnel and manufacture the final product yourself, whenever there is a local need for that product. You will not be dependent on international markets, regulations and supply chains.


As one can see from the Track Record page, InProPharma has established a line of interesting compounds, and we have experience in many more proteins with respect to the pegylation of these compounds. EPO, G-CSF, Interferons alfa 2a en 2b and Hirudin are examples of proteins we have pegylation techniques available for in-house.


In addition, we have established some very interesting cosmeceutical product lines, of which we do not want to market the products ourselves but are looking for marketing partners. We have several skin related products, e.g. enhanced wound healing and anti-wrinkling gels and cremes based on our pharmaceutical background.


If you are interested please contact us and we can setup a personal meeting or virtual meeting via Skype. You can contact us HERE.