Our facilities in Weesp, The Netherlands, are equipped with state of the art equipment and instrumentation for the development of manufacturing processes for biotechnology and pharmaceutical products, including biologically active peptides and proteins.


InProPharma aims to ensure the highest quality pharmaceutical operations activities. InProPharma aims to work in compliance with guidelines, laws and regulations that are relevant for drug development in the client’s market.


This quality objective requires the following principles:

  • All company processes related to pharmaceutical operations are documented in Standard Operating Procedures.
  • All company staff involved are qualified for their jobs.
  • All subcontractors, like Contract Laboratory Organizations, are carefully selected to ensure that the quality of their work is in line with IPP’s quality requirements.
  • In process Quality Control procedures control all critical steps of the pharmaceutical operations.
  • Management is informed about all quality issues in pharmaceutical operations, and in case of critical issues they are informed immediately.