Track record


InProPharma has developed a broad range of products in its lifecycle, such as biosimilars, bio-betters and complete new products or formulations.

  • An anti-tumor compound has been developed against tumors such as prostate cancer. The compound, a complete new chemical entity, has been developed up to clinical phase II.
  • A pain free formulation for an injectable form of diclofenac has been developed and is on the market.
  • Development a pegylated form of the very potent thrombin inhibitor Hirudin has been developed and its technology transferred. The product is a marketed entity up to this moment.
  • Pegylation of interferon alfa-2b has been researched and developed as a new product.
  • A technology for the production of a biosimilar of pegylated recombinant interferon alfa-2a has been developed up to (pre)clinical testing, with a complete dossier available of its R&D phase.
  • Using a new pegylation technique and different PEG molecule, InProPharma has developed a pegylated interferon alfa-2a. This product proved to be a bio-better compared to the present marketed pegylated interferons with respect to its enhanced biological availability and activity.